A Fallen Hero (Chronicles of Avilésor, War of the Realms, Book 1)

by Sara A. Noë

In this thrilling adventure, A Fallen Hero blurs the line between science-fiction and fantasy, adding paranormal elements and beings into a war-torn world. In the first novel of the War Of The Realms series, author Sara A. Noë introduces us to a diverse set of characters, following multiple perspectives and viewpoints where the differentiation between good and evil is far from being black and white.  

Cato and his surrogate "lab-family" have escaped a government facility where they were being held captive for genetic experimentation and face many obstacles while on the run, making some truly shocking choices in an attempt to protect themselves and the ones they love. Noë’s tactful narrative and deeply layered plotting offer a unique world that readers can fully immerse themselves in to walk alongside heroes and villains. Page by page, this debut novel will hold readers’ attention until the very end, presenting just enough resolution to leave them satisfied while unanswered questions will have them pining for more.

Kayla M. Ware

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