Girls of Paper and Fire

by Natasha Ngan

In this fiery and passionate book by Natasha Ngan, Girls of Paper and Fire will leave readers feeling invigorated and inspired. The carefully layered plot and extensive world-building introduce readers to a domain so vivid they will feel as though they are walking, and fighting, alongside the characters and exploring the Hidden Palace's grounds. With colorful and detailed descriptions, this novel will stimulate all of the senses, allowing readers to feel the crisp air and smell the fragrant herbs from the bathing courtyard as though the steam is tickling their noses.

Girls of Paper and Fire follows the story of Lei, a young human girl living in a small village until she is kidnapped and presented as a gift for the Demon King. The story chronicles her life and suffering as one of many concubines; a life that she refuses to accept.

These resilient characters fulminate against the lives into which they are forced. Their thirst for freedom and love will inspire readers with their unwillingness to give up, even during hopeless events that occur throughout the book. Girls of Paper and Fire touches gracefully on controversial and sometimes traumatizing subject matters, and yet, the message of hope, endurance, and strength perseveres. 

The unity portrayed by the diversity amongst the characters adds a warm sense of inclusivity and acceptance. The exciting and fast-paced action, suspense, and revelations will keep this book's pages turning for hours at a time, leaving fans demanding more the moment the last sentence is read.

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