Kayla is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is punctual and professional, and she goes a step above expectations with the amount of detail and thought she puts into every piece she edits. She has the capacity to give constructive insights to both big picture plotting as well as the finer technical details of sentence structure and grammar. I intend to continue utilizing her for future projects.

Author Sara A. Noë

Kayla is thorough, firm, and professional. She is certainly not afraid to tell you when something needs to be addressed. She is absolutely everything I was looking for in an editor and so much more.

Her knowledge, intuition, and firm, professional attitude has taken my novel over the moon. One of my favorite phrases to hear from her is, "Expand on this." It has allowed me to really look at the finer details that I should be putting on display for the readers, and has opened the gates for me to become a better writer on. She's tough, though—it's great; I need that! If she doesn't like something, she will most certainly tell you up front. But what's even better is that she'll encourage you to fix it with some suggestions and let YOU be the one to decide what to do. I'll definitely be booking her again soon!

Author David S. McCrae

After several completed orders, Kayla has consecutively proven to be prompt, insightful, and a genuine asset. She doesn't just edit, she seeks to improve your work by diversifying word choice, offering alternative phrasing, and helping to ensure characters maintain their unique voice.

Kayla does a great job not only editing but offering feedback from the perspective of the reader, a critical viewpoint for any writer to keep in mind. I know the chapters of my novel are all the better for her notes and I fully intend to continue using her services for as long as they are available, and reasonably priced.

Author K. J. Bailey

Kayla’s the best! Her comments are consistent and eye-opening. Her feedback is astute. Always a pleasure to work with Kayla.

Tanya-Marie Villeneuve


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